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What makes a guitar player so desperate that they'll put a permanent, boring, random sticker on their guitar that advertises someone elses product and will most likely damage their instrument? Well according to life-long guitar player and founder of Strattoos Guitar Tattoos™ Chris DiNaso, the answer to that question is what propelled him to start Strattoos. According to DiNaso "guitar players want to change-up their look every so often and since they don't have any options, they'll put stickers on their guitar that don't look good and destroy the finish."

Boasting the catchy slogan "Own Your Own Look," Strattoos™ is making an impact in the guitar community by providing colorful variety of guitar tattoos that are tested safe for all guitar finishes and styles and are available for both electric and acoustic guitars. Every tattoo can be applied and removed in only seconds and offers everything that a regular tattoo offers only at a fraction of the cost and minus the permanence.  

To learn more about the Strattoos entire line of tattoos or to become a dealer, visit the company’s website @ www.strattoos.com.






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