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Transform Your Guitar Into a Work of Art

Strattoos Guitar Tattoos is creating a lot of buzz amongst the guitar community with a new product that is not only turning heads but also turning sales. Since the company launched the new product in May of 2010, several dealers across the country are now carrying the full-line of fully removable, non-adhesives tattoos.

Chicago, IL, December 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Like the housing market, many guitar players are opting to extreme guitar makeover instead of buying a new guitar, especially in today's economic climate. "Dressing up your guitar and giving it an entirely new look is almost as good as having a new guitar, just not as hard on the wallet" says lifetime guitar player and Strattoos co-founder Chris DiNaso.

Although interest from big box stores looks promising, the company is having continued success with smaller stores that have multiple locations like Chicago-based Allegro Music. "It's a cool product, and it's different," says Allegro owner Tim Veurink. Veurink added, "We have our teachers displaying the product on thier own guitars while they teach, this is helping us move the product."

"The response has been very positive because it's about customization," says DiNaso. "It's like moving the furniture around in your house. When something familiar looks different or new again, it's exciting, it's fun and it brings back that pride of ownership that you once had. That's what it's all about."

Strattoos Guitar Tattoos plans to display at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show in the coming year and is making plans for a new line of tattoos.

To learn more about the Strattoos entire line of tattoos for both acoustic and electric guitars, visit the company’s website @ www.strattoos.com.


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