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Nikki Sixx and Strattoos

I received a call yesterday from a girl named Amber who works for Nikki Sixx's national radio program called the Sixx Sense.  The show airs Monday through Friday with 40 affiliates and over 1 million listeners!  As you can imagine, that got my attention real quick; especially since I was the biggest Motley Crue fan you could ever imagine back in the day!  I'm talking every square inch of wall space in my bedroom from 1984-1990 (including the ceiling) was covered exclusively with Crue posters!  I think I was Nikki Sixx for Halloween like 3 years in a row!  I was pretty sick!  Anyway, she said that she saw the recent press release for Strattoos and wanted to talk to me about the show and some advertising opportunities.  Of course I didn't hear anything else after "Nikki Sixx" and immediately assumed that she wanted to have me interview on the show about our rapidly growing company Strattoos Guitar Tattoos!  Well, needless to say, I called her back and she was basically just trying to sell me some advertising spots on the show.  She figured guitar tattoos was a perfect match for the show.  After all, Nikke Sixx is just about all ink, no skin these days!  Oh well, wishful thinking I guess.  But who knows, maybe one day!



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