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To Sell or Not to Sell

Once upon a time or "back in the day" as they say, I used to be in sales.  Sales is one of those career paths that people either absolutely hate or absolutely love!  I was the latter.  Yeah, I loved it.  I even made sales people sick because I enjoyed doing the things that successful sales people hated...things like cold calling, tracking elements and marketing.  See, some sales people think that once you've paid your dues and achieve some degree of success that you somehow deserve to graduate from all the "mundane", fundamentals.  Not so.  At least not if you want to maintain your success in sales.  This is because sales is, and always will be about interacting with people.  It's really about brokering...connecting people with something they don't have or something that's better than what they do have.  In other words, aligning others with something that you really value and that they can benefit from.  How cool is that!  That's why I love sales and that's what I love about ministry.  When you have this perspective, picking up the phone or going on a sales call (or marketing your busines on Twitter, Facebook and a gazillion other new mediums), now becomes full of purpose and mission.  It's not so much about making a sale as much as it is about turning people on to something good.  And that's a good thing...no that's a great thing!   


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