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Christian Designs

Written by Chris DiNaso Friday, 23 April 2010 00:00

A few people have asked me if Strattoos (at some point) will offer Christians Designs (i.e. crosses, verses etc.)  I've personally been wrestling with this question myself since we started this business.  I'm certain that there is a "market" for Christian designs and I'm confident that we could sell our product to worship leaders and Christian bands if we were to offer the right designs.  However, I just can't bring myself to do this at the moment.   I guess I can't get past the idea of merchandising or profiting from those things which I hold so sacred -especially the cross.  Does that mean we're not a Christian company?  That's right -we're not a Christian company.  We're a company that is owned by people who follow Jesus and I would hope that the primary thing that identifies us with Jesus is not our products but rather the way we conduct ourselves and our business.  


Strattoos™ Grand Opening

Written by Chris DiNaso Wednesday, 21 April 2010 02:55


 After a long, hard year and lots of research and development, Strattoos™ Guitar Tattoos is just about open for business.  Stattoos™ is the only company of it's kind that designs and sells non-adhesive, removable tattoos made exclusively for electric and acoustic guitars.  Our tattoos are very appealing and highly artistic!  Strattoos™ Guitar Tattoos are sized to fit all of the classic, best-selling, electric guitars on the market including Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, SG and most copy-models including Ibanez and many others.

Strattoos™ also has a transparent-line designed exclusively for acoustic guitars.  Our acoustic tattoos will give your acoustic a subtle but bold look while maintaining the natural beauty and wood grain of your guitar.

All of our designs are original works of art created by professional artists.  Custumers who purchase our product will transform their guitar from “plain and ordinary” to “unique and interesting” thus giving their guitar a very “custom” look.  Our guitar tattoos are 100% non-adhesive and removable so say goodbye to permenent stickers and left over residue forever!  Check us out today online at www.strattoos.com.  Our website is live and open for business so we invite guitar players everywhere to pre-order thier very own guitar tattoo today!  SHIPPING IS FREE - ALL PRE-ORDERED PRODUCTS WILL BE SHIPPED ON OUR GRAND OPENING DAY WHICH IS MAY 1ST 2010.









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